Five pillars of growth in India’s healthcare sector

Healthcare in India is firmly on the path of growth as ambitious government initiatives get underway. How can Sweden’s life science innovators make the right moves to capture India’s momentum? Read on to find out.

New kid on the block in Asia’s battery industry

The Asia-Pacific region is at the forefront of the global battery storage market. But the spotlight is not only on the incumbent players when it comes to battery investments. It’s time to make way for India – here’s why.

Morocco emerging as key global production hub

New industry hubs don’t just appear overnight, particularly in traditional manufacturing sectors like the automotive industry; but with major global shifts in the demand for electric vehicles and sustainable production, this trend is being bucked. And Morocco is one of the emerging markets that should be on the radar for Swedish companies.

Is India the next supply chain hub?

Geopolitics is changing the playing field for Asian supply chains and India’s new role as an emerging manufacturing and logistics hub is picking up momentum. Here’s a look at the latest developments – and why Swedish companies should pay close attention.

India’s manufacturing sector

With improved operating conditions, cost competitiveness, a significant talent pool and success in meeting outsourcing requirements, India is inching closer to China in becoming a preferred global manufacturing hub.

Supporting e-commerce companies in their expansion is my passion

As I am writing this, I have spent a month in Greenwich, Connecticut, about 50 minutes from Business Sweden's New York Office; my new workplace. Previously I successfully set up and grew my own e-commerce company,, which I co-founded 15 years ago. Suffice it to say; I am an avid online shopper.

Indian economy sees healthy post-covid recovery, set to grow by 9.2%

Despite the pandemic and the world facing new challenges of the impact of war, the outlook for the Indian economy remains positive. India’s growth remains the highest among all major economies and it continues to be in a strong position to withstand global challenges.

Time for India

I first came to India in 2006–2008 and then again in 2010–2013, advising Swedish companies of business opportunities and scope for investment and as country manager for a Swedish company producing textiles in India. Now I’m finally back, and so much have happened.

US pharmaceutical manufacturing accelerating change

The US pharmaceutical industry is responding to the rapid changes required to meet the demands of global and local trends. Historically the sector has been slower to implement automation and digitalisation, but intensified domestic policies driving protectionism as well as the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic are proving to be the catalyst for swift adoption of new approaches and plenty of opportunities for growth.

Swedish OEMs and the challenge to grow aftermarket sales

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) across several industrial sectors are facing vast challenges to maintain and grow sales of new equipment. This is primarily due to slowed growth in emerging markets and a decline in input prices. While Swedish OEMs have a strong footprint globally, they are now being forced to identify new revenue streams to secure continued global growth.

Cambodia in transformation

Cambodia is gearing up its economy but needs skilled partners to modernise fast-growing sectors. Swedish companies can play a key role in facilitating change. Here’s how.

Europe a hot spot of opportunities for Swedish district heating companies

Global energy demands, consumer behaviours and changing regulations and legislations are propelling the European district heating sector into an unprecedented time of change and opportunity.

Site selection, the smart way

The Americas has always been an important market for Swedish companies and continues to provide opportunities for expansion and growth. But evolving supply chains and trade agreements means having a localised production, sales or R&D site is becoming a crucial strategic approach to long-term market engagement and success.

China's B2B digital future following a unique path

When we look at digital trends, we can’t just look West, we must also look East. And we can’t understand the B2B sector without understanding the wider digital landscape in China. China is an advanced digital nation but their approach, both practically and legally is quite different in several ways.

Brexit – actions to take for your business

Get up to speed on Brexit and how it affects Swedish companies. Our experts, Carl Winberg and Johan Ottosson, share their best hands-on tips on how you can prepare your business for the changes coming our way.