Scalable sustainable energy production, capture, and distribution solutions are increasingly in demand as the world shifts away from fossil fuels to clean energy sources. Governments across the world are exploring how different technologies can meet supply in the new energy landscape.

While wind and solar energies are booming globally, it is often forgotten that over 70 per cent of the planet is covered by ocean and that marine energy is one of the most abundant resources in the world. A pioneer in the field, Minesto was founded in 2007 as a spin-off from SAAB and has become one of the leading developers in tidal energy, with the technology already implemented in a number of locations. For example, in the Faroe Islands, Minesto has a detailed buildout plan with total capacity of 120 MW tidal energy, which will supply 40 per cent of its growing electricit consumption to support the Islands' 100% renewable energy transition target by 2030.

The first step to global expansion

After gradually developing its European footprint Minesto’s next target region was Asia, focusing on the Kuroshio Current, the second largest current in the world which surges on the Japanese and Taiwanese east coasts. With Kuroshio in mind, Minesto established a local entity in Taiwan in 2016 to learn more about the Asian market; however, at the time, the marine energy market in Asia was immature and offshore wind was the focus. Following several years of research in Taiwan, there was a policy shift in the region that saw an increasingly stronger demand for green energy result in diversification of the energy mix. In 2022, Minesto seized the opportunity to contribute to Asia’s green transition and the region’s quickly growing energy need by collaborating with Business Sweden to search for business partners in Taiwan, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Working with Business Sweden is a remarkably effective way to enter new markets and access and engage with the key stakeholders from both the public and private sectors. The result has been very satisfactory, and we are glad to have reached several milestones with potential partners in these markets. Martin Edlund, CEO, Minesto AB

To thrive in an early-stage market, such as marine energy, it is critical to understand the unique market dynamics and the relevant stakeholders.

Minesto called on Business Sweden to analyse the market potential with value chain mapping and renewable energy insights in the region.

Market analysis that delivered golden opportunities

This mapping and analysis provided Minesto with the information they needed to evaluate the market priority and identify the key stakeholders in a niche but growing market.  Following on from this, Business Sweden arranged visiting programmes so Minesto could explore collaboration opportunities - from business to government, and research to project partnerships.

During the visiting programme to Taiwan, Minesto signed an MoU with Taiwan Cement, the largest local cement company focusing on the green transition. In Indonesia and the Philippines, Minesto signed MoUs with ASCA and Poseidon Energy Corp., respectively.

Minesto has been a long-term client since 2016 and we are happy to support their journey for growth in Asia. We look forward to bringing Minesto’s unique and innovative marine energy solution to this region where the energy transition is very much needed to drive a sustainable future.” Coka Liu, Project Manager, Business Sweden

There are also several ongoing conversations in each market with local connections that are now aware and interested in Minesto’s unique marine energy technology. With three MoUs signed and promising dialogues, Minesto can accelerate their growth plan in Asia and further discover immense potential in the region.


Minesto wanted to discover new market opportunities and connect with potential business partners in Asia


Business Sweden supported Minesto with market entry analysis to study regional policies and business environments pertinent to marine energy as well as arranged stakeholder meetings to find new partners


Three MoU were signed in three markets and there are multiple ongoing dialogues; Business Sweden supported Minesto to identify the relevant stakeholders and approach the potential partners with shorter time span

Value impact

Minesto displayed its advanced tidal energy solutions in the region to drive the industry progress and broaden its company awareness


Minesto was founded in 2007 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Originally starting as the turbine study within SAAB’s R&D department, Minesto has developed the technology and become one of the leading tidal energy providers in the world. With support from governmental agencies and private equity partners, Minesto steadily expanded and achieved another milestone in 2015 – IPO on the Nasdaq First North stock exchange. Currently, Minesto has a commercial–scale system and generates electricity to grid, and it is ready to grow towards its vision – Power to Change the Future.