Today, global events are rapidly reshaping the global business landscape faster than ever before. Technological advances, geopolitical changes, and the climate challenge aren't mere trends; they're seismic shifts prompting corporate strategists to rethink their game plans.

Strategists can no longer solely rely on historical data. This new era demands proficiency in predicting trends in an increasingly volatile market, necessitating adaptability to market shifts, and the potential for industry-wide transformations.

Recent surveys of global chief executives highlight this adaptive mindset: many anticipate significant parts of their future revenue to stem from new markets and business models. More intriguingly, these leaders expect a reshuffle in the competitive landscape, predicting that their primary competition will shift in just a few years – where newcomers with disruptive business models are perceived as looming threats to their core operations.

Recognising these monumental shifts, we have engaged with strategists from some of Sweden’s largest corporations to get their view. Our discussions centred on their strategies, advice, and insights for pursuing both adjacent and transformational growth in today’s intricate business landscape.

These discussions and insights have been summarised in this report.

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